Monday, April 26, 2010

Jobs and Blogs, Blogs and Jobs

I'm in transition. I'm looking for new opportunities. I'm insert euphemism here. Anything but unemployed. I'm trying to connect my next role to the theme of this blog, to my personal passion- I want to make information easy to find and use.

The problem I've run into on several interviews is the standard response I hear: "It sounds like you haven't figured out what you want to do". The interviewer leaves one minor point unsaid: "because it doesn't sound like you should be doing this job".

There are many jobs where I can apply my skills and passion to make it easier (for employees, for customers) to find and use information. I don't have a job title in mind; I'm happy to let a company figure that out and I'll explain how I can help them. But it's a hard sell when the skill set and philosophy don't clearly meet the job requirements.

Maybe the interviewers have a point- I should focus on finding (or creating) a role where the primary goals fit what I do and believe, rather than take a job and figure out how to apply my philosophy. As a job seeking objective, that will get my next company a great new employee and make me a happy member of the team.

Still, making information easy to find and (especially) use can be applied to many roles, processes, and tools- even yours. That's what my blog is about.

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