Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, How Did I get Here?- Part 2

In our last episode, I joined a major Pharmaceutical company as an Information Scientist.

I was fortunate to work with great colleagues including our Director, a thought leader who preached the Less is More approach to delivering information. He believed scientists needed to receive information that directly answered their questions and helped them make sense of their environment and projects. To do this, he hired Ph.D.-level scientists to collaborate with the bench scientists and scientific leaders, and he encouraged these Information Scientists to do high values work- making sure the right information was available to feed key decisions and strategies.

I loved this approach and believe it is part of the answer to information overload. I did well at my new company and was rewarded with promotions to exciting roles in Knowledge Management, Information Delivery, and Information Strategy. I got to work on our Intranet, our Library portal, and our Enterprise Search Engine and strategy, applying the principle of Less is More to solve real business problems.

Unfortunately, our company was recently acquired and I was laid off. The upside is I have more time to espouse the Less is More philosophy of information retrieval and delivery over the Internet!

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