Thursday, March 11, 2010

Less is More- an Introduction

We live in an age of abundance where information seems as plentiful as water. While information in the right quantities is critical to learning, planning, making decisions, and getting things done, many of us feel like we’re drowning in it. My goal, my passion, and perhaps my purpose in life, is to help you swim no matter how deep the water.

The guiding principle of this blog is Less is More. I learned this principle when I started working for a Fortune 500 company, providing scientific and business information to R&D staff. I was fortunate to work with colleagues who understood how little time people had to review dozens of pages of content when they just needed to understand a few key concepts and facts to move forward with their work. Less is More became my catchphrase and while some resisted, most recognized that I was helping them by filtering information so they could use it effectively.

Who am I? I’ll tell you in my next post…

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