Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet Leroy Stick

A nomination for Best Press Release 2010: Meet Leroy Stick.

"Leroy" is the person behind @BPGlobalPR on Twitter, the unofficial, unaffiliated PR campaign that pokes fun and hostility at the official British Petroleum PR machine. Leroy keeps smacking BP with his stick,  in 140 characters or less.

In his press release, Leroy tells a good story, explains why he's doing this, tells us why we should be angry, and helps us find a constructive outlet for our anger. He beats public relations, marketing, and brand management folks about the arms and legs by pointing out the folly that exists in their work, but is only made obvious in extreme situations like the Gulf oil spill. Leroy comes off as intelligent, funny, and sharp; he found his voice and his forum and uses it to spread his message.

Great use of Twitter, superior content, and brutal satire that makes you think about morality in the corporate world. We need more Sticks.

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